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Ready. Set. March!

This Army Boot Camp was designed for a strong group of little soldiers within the confines of a New York City apartment. The interactive adventure, led by a dedicated Drill Sergeant,

was followed by an

award ceremony with prizes for the top performers and all participants earned chocolate grenades & cameo cupcakes. 


Stepping inside this tent set on a Manhattan rooftop transported our celebrators into the world of

wild adventures.

Exotic animals at every corner,

hidden treasures, and the spirit of exploration everywhere! Guests might have thought they were only attending a party - little did they know, they were being taken on a Safari!


Barbie and our guests visited

The Beverly Hills Hotel, all without ever leaving their Hamptons home! The attendees enjoyed 5-star room service, styled their own shoes, curated custom cookie designs with Barbie accessories, and joined in on other Barbie fun! In a world of pink-toned pastels, flowers and bows there was no shortage of delight for all!

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